Palo Santo Wood Incense Bundle


Palo Santo Wood Incense Bundle (3 sticks)

A bundle of naturally fragrant Palo Santo sticks, sustainable sourced from Peru and certified by the Peruvian Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife to be ethically sourced. 

This 'holy wood' has been traditionally used by South American communities to cleanse the energy of the air and people, to re-energise, ground and reset. 

This Palo Santo is high-resin, concentrated and is only harvested after the tree has died and has been left to mature for a higher quality, sustainable wood. 


  • Sustainably sourced Palo Santo wood
  • Can be used to smudge a room to clear or restore positive energy
  • Can be used to create higher vibrational energy
  • Smells naturally fragrant
  • Use it for self-care rituals and grounding

1. Point the stick down towards a flame to light. 

2. Allow the stick to catch flame and burn for 30 seconds

3. Blow out flame and place the smoking stick on a heat resistant dish or surface

4. Smudge the room and yourself by gently moving the stick or dish and spreading the light smoke and scent around you. 

Be sure to take great care and caution while using naked flame and don't leave any object burning or unattended, or have it near any flammable items.


100% sustainable sourced and certified Palo Santo wood from Peru

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