Pro Infrared PEMF Mat


Infrared PEMF Therapy Mat. Designed to boost mood, reduce stress & aid recovery.

Due to high demand this item can currently only be delivered early May 2023, and can only be delivered to Ireland, UK and Mainland Europe.

A professional grade therapy mat combining PEMF therapy with Far Infrared Heat, Crystal therapy and negative ions therapy, all to help reduce stress, elevate your energy levels, improve circulation, aid restful sleep and encourage quicker muscle recovery. 

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic frequency) mimics the Earth's natural magnetic frequencies, which encourages your body's natural recovery processes and stimulating a rest & digest state, which also calms the mind. 

Far infrared heat is deeply penetrating to promote detoxification, while improving circulation and reducing inflammation. 

The PEMF therapy mat is also designed with multiple layers, including a charcoal layer to deepen detoxification, a clay layer to product negative ions and a grounding effect, a magnetic layer to improve blood flow and circulation, and more than 20lbs of amethyst & tourmaline crystals that create negative ions when heated to give a powerful grounding and antioxidant effect against free radical damage.

    You can choose your level of PEMF therapy:

    1. 3Hz - delta brainwaves for sleep
    2. 7.8Hz - Theta brainwaves for dreaming
    3. 10Hz - alpha brainwaves for deep relaxation and meditation
    4. 23Hz - beta brainwaves for focus and alertness



    • Portable therapy mat to reduce stress, aid muscle recovery, detoxification & improve circulation, mood and sleep
    • Handheld controller offering 7 temperature settings & 4 PEMF levels of Hz frequency
    • Folds away for compact storage & travel
    • Features a thermal cut-off to prevent overheating & overuse
    • Offers PEMF therapy and far infrared heat
    • With additional charcoal, clay, crystal & magnetic layers to further support health
    • Designed for UK/EU market


    Product Specifications:

    • Size - 73.5 x 185cm (29" x 73")
    • Weight - 19kg/ 43lbs
    • Heaters - mats run in a very safe zone of 0.2-0.8 milligauss (global TOC criteria is 2 milligauss)
    • Electrical Field - low EMFs
    • PEMF - 2pcs PEMF cores implanted. Four levels of Hz frequency 3hz - 23Hz to choose from


    1. Plug it into a standard residential power outlet.
    2. Use the handheld controller to adjust to the right temperature and PEMF Hz frequency from 1-4 (all levels mimic different healing frequencies found in nature).
    3. Select the negative ions option to neutralise free radicals and ignite deeper therapeutic effects.
    4. Relax on the mat for up to 20 minutes a session. You can use it while meditating, warming up before a workout or yoga session, or to quiet and calm before bedtime. Try the different levels of PEMF frequencies at different times

    PEMF layer 

    PEMF technology mimics the healing vibrations of the Earth, enhancing the body’s natural recovery process, reducing inflammation, increasing energy, relieving stress, and promoting deeper sleep.


    Passing all non-VOC standards, our elevated polyurethane leather body material is better for you and the environment, while remaining as waterproof, fireproof, melt proof as earlier models.


    Infrared’s deeply penetrating heat promotes full-body detox, improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and inside-out recovery. Grounded in Low ELF plus Low EMF.


    Charcoal binds to pollutants, helping to flush out impurities and deepen your detox. Clay layer emits negative ions and balances the heat. A grounding medical-grade magnetic strip improves blood flow and circulation.


    An amethyst & tourmaline layer deepens the benefits of infrared and naturally generates negative ions, which fight free radicals.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Angie ODonnell

    I have experienced the PEMF Mat, for me it is amazing. I will continue to use it as it is very functional in so many ways. Moving forward I am looking forward to experiencing how my body will benefit from the time I began to giving it a month by month review. Thank you for such a wonderful purchase for the whole body.

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