Founded in 2018, and based in Dublin, Ireland, we are a conscious beauty and wellness retailer committed to promoting love, respect and compassion for people and our Earth.

We celebrate those who are on a health journey, those who are seeking healing, and meaning, and those taking note of life's beautiful synchronicities that are abundant and bountiful once you open your heart to them.

Our wish is that our energy, our ethics, and our commitment to good health and conscientious brands inspire you, wherever you are on your journey.

We're glad that you found us.


We love to partner with brands who share our commitment to good health, for people and the Earth. We work closely with them to bring our customers the best in cruelty-free, ethical and sustainable beauty.

We currently have over 25 independent, like-minded brands on TCBE, offering a range of contemporary, thoughtful beauty and wellness products for you to love and enjoy.

Whether you love all things organic, vegan or zero waste. We have what you need to look and feel great, to overhaul your bathroom cabinet and detox your personal care routine.

From Innersense Organic Beauty to Olio E Osso, Juice Beauty, Agent Nateur, Sun Potion and many more unique and intriguing brands to explore and try.


Every product that we buy as consumers should be safe to use, and we see a future where this is a beautiful reality.

To help us get to that place we work with organic and ethical brands who are creating innovative, non-toxic formulations that are luxurious and oh-so-good to use while helping us to look and feel our best.

We keep up to date with the latest research into product and ingredient safety from the Enviornmental Working Group and Think Dirty®, two organisations which empower and educate consumers on safety in the beauty industry.


I started TCBE after learning about the toxicity in personal care products while on my own health journey, recovering from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteopenia. Modern medicine wasn't helping and so I went the alternative path.

The more I read and research environmental toxins, functional medicine and holistic health, the more connected I feel to myself and everything around me. I have had to unlearn a lot of things I believed about my health, and the World, but the journey has led me to becoming certified in integrative nurtition and herbalism, as well as a Steiner, holistic-homeschooling Mum.

The World is about to experience a huge shift in how we think about and experience health. We're in a time of immense change where old limiting beliefs are going to fall away and people are going to realise their healing potential. I'm excited for the future and so happy to be able to share products and ideas that have helped me.

Dawn x