Want Glowing Skin? Try This Free Method

How we look and feel each and every day is key to living our best lives. We always want to feel energised, vibrant and radiant, because when we are feeling those things it is easier to get into that harmonious flow where good things happen. 
When it comes to our outward beauty, it feels so much better when we are intentionally nourishing our bodies and our skin, and that is why we put a lot of effort into finding skincare and make that suits us, that feels good, that brings out our best features. Well, what if there was something simple, quick, and free, that you could do every morning to further boost your glow, raise your energy levels, strengthen your immune system and delay signs of ageing? Would you want to do it? 
This beauty hack exists and it's called hot/cold therapy. You can do in your morning shower, and no special equipment is needed to reap the beauty and health benefits for yourself... although you do need some will power, especially on those chillier days in the Northern Hemisphere. 
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The people of Scandinavia have made it a part of their health & wellbeing rituals for centuries. Saunas followed by cold plunging is practically a national pastime in Finland, where many Finns partake in this longevity-boosting ritual several times a week. Hot/cold therapy has also become a huge trend in wellness over the past few years mainly thanks to the work of Wim Hof and biohackers like Dave Asprey. 

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The whole concept is based on hormesis - basically you give your body a little stress to create a physical response that makes us healthy and stronger. Too much stress of course can be damaging, hormesis is about finding the sweet spot. Pushing yourself a little past your comfort zone to strengthen your body and mind. You can create hormesis through time intermittent fasting, through exercise, and through hot/cold exposure. In fact, in our humble opinion the morning shower ritual is one of the easiest and most accessible hermetic therapies available to us all!



The hot water will activate heat shock proteins - positively stimulating your body’s innate immune system & repairing proteins that have been damaged by stress/toxins/poor diet etc. In other words, ladies, exposure to high heat, such as a sauna, a hot bath or a hot shower, will have an anti-ageing effect on the skin, especially if you do it right before a planned cold plunge.
If you're lucky enough to have use of a sauna you can enjoy that before dipping in a plunge pool or other cold water source. You can also use a sauna blanket such as HigherDose's V4 portable Sauna Blanket to get sweaty, or a hot bath filled with your favourite bath salts and essential oils, or even just run your shower on hot prior to your cold exposure. 

When you follow your hot exposure with a blast of cold (starting out sensibly with a few seconds and then building up gradually to 1 to 2 minutes), it will activate your 'brown fat' - the type of fat we want! Brown fat is metabolically active fat that has more mitochondria in it. So you are boosting your metabolism and mitochondria function at the same time, which is amazing for longevity and when recovering from chronic illness or injury.
Aim the cold water at your head, neck, shoulders and upper back as this is where you naturally store the most of this healthy brown fat. By repeated cold exposure you will help to keep your metabolism active and encourage more of this good brown fat. 


This cold exposure activates creates a process called thermogenesis in your body, activating your metabolism. Basically, this means that getting cold for a few minutes a day can help you lose weight faster.

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The cold will boost your energy and dopamine levels (in a much healthier way than a morning coffee or sugary snack will). It will help you feel good, more focused, alert, happier and better able to face the day ahead. When you get under that cold shower all your stress will melt away. Simply because all you will be able to focus on is the cold. It makes you present. It helps you de-stress. It gets things pumping and moving in your body, leaving you alert and energised. It reduces anxiety, calms and uplifts - helpful for those suffering from chronic fatigue, depression and anxiety symptoms. 
The natural dopamine high that hot/cold therapy creates is why people get so into hot/cold plunging, sea swimming, saunas and ice baths. It's a natural way to boost our mood without stimulants, sugar or pharma products. 

The hot/cold therapy can help with lowering inflammation in the body, which is great for those suffering from autoimmunity, cognitive decline, skin issues and a range of other inflammatory problems.
The glowing skin will come from the circulation boost and increase in blood flow that happens as a natural reaction to the cold water shock. It will also gradually tone and strengthen the cardiovascular system. All in just a minute or two, and at virtually no cost.
The only caveat we would make would be to take a break from the cold plunging during your monthly moon cycle, as in Traditional Chinese Medicine cold exposure during your menstrual cycle has been known for centuries to interrupt and stagnate the flow of blood. During this time of your cycle many practitioners recommend avoiding cold foods (smoothies, ice cream etc), sitting or lying in cold places, swimming and exposure to cold and damp weather’ during periods. 

So now that you have read about some of the many benefits of hot and cold therapy, or perhaps have been reminded about it, is it something that you plan to add into your regular health and wellbeing rituals?

All it takes is a little will and commitment to try it and see does it work for you.
Please note that our blogs are just for information purposes only and are not given as health advice. Should you have any questions regarding your health please consult a healthcare practitioner.