VIDEO: This Is Why You Need Innersense Shampoos In Your Life

What makes Innersense shampoos so awesome? Founder Greg Starkman is here to tell you why you need a little Innersense in your life ❤️

This short video explains why traditional haircare products can exasperate hair and scalp issues, and what makes Innersense hairbaths so different. 

Greg is a conscious chemist, an expert in green and clean formulations with a passion for educating others on toxin free beauty. Recognizing the parallels between the toxins in conventional beauty products and the alarming number of health issues facing his industry peers, Greg’s fascination with formulation and product development morphed into a passionate obsession after his daughter Morgan was born with Williams Syndrome. Coming from a background in ‘Big Beauty’, Greg and his wife, hairstylist Joanne Starkman, wanted to create a brand that had genuine heart, with clean, high-performing formulations, sustainably sourced – and pure – ingredients. They want to educate beauty and wellness professionals, and customers, on the dangers of hidden toxins in conventional haircare products while also creating products that felt wonderful and luxurious to use while producing great results. As the ingredient guru for Innersense, Greg is a leading force in the safe cosmetics movement, pushing the boundaries of green and conscious chemistry with sustainably sourced and meticulously processed ingredients.

Kiss traditional brands goodbye and fall in love with your hair again! Check out our top Innersense picks below and then shop the full range with us here

Pure Harmony Hairbath, €29

Innersense Organic Beauty Pure Harmony Hairbath on The Clean Beauty Edit


Pure Inspiration Conditioner, €32

 Innersense Organic Beauty Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner on The Clean Beauty Edit

Refresh Dry Shampoo, €25

 Innersense Organic Beauty Refresh Dry Shampoo on The Clean Beauty Edit

I Create Lift Volumising Foam, €29

Innersense Organic Beauty I Create Lift Volumising Foam on The Clean Beauty Edit