The Importance of Clean Beauty For Pregnancy

When expecting a baby it becomes even more important than usual to reduce the amount of toxins that we are exposed to, in order to protect both yourself and your baby. Unfortunately, many of the products that you may have in your bathroom cabinet, or make up bag, may not be as safe to use as you thought.  

Shockingly, many of the chemicals present in traditional skincare and make up products can make their way through your body and the umbilical cord and cause potential hard to your baby. Tests done on the umbilical cord blood of newborn babies show a staggering amount of synthetic chemicals in the blood that have come through products and food that the mother has use or that are present in the mother’s environment. One study from the Environmental Working Group ( found a total of 232 toxic chemicals in umbilical cord blood – 180 of which are known to cause cancer in humans and 217 of which are toxic to the brain and nervous system.

All those trace elements of chemicals present in everyday products add up. When you understand what’s inside traditional products and how they can affect us and our children you will start to seek out and demand better options. Thankfully, now there is a wealth of high-performance, non-toxic make up and skincare available so you can still enjoy make up and get great hair, even use self-tanner, confidently and knowing that you are nourishing rather than harming your body.

Here are our top tips on reducing exposure to toxins during pregnancy, as well as our product tips for glowing skin and healthy pregnancy hair:

Easy ways to reduce exposure to toxins during pregnancy & beyond:

  1. Don’t smoke or drink.
  2. Go organic and choose healthy food options as much as possible.
  3. Only use make up, skincare and beauty products that are considered clean, free of toxins and safe to use.
  4. Drink filtered water and avoid drinks from plastic bottles.
  5. Ditch chemical cleaners around the home for natural options (it’s amazing what plain old vinegar and baking soda will do, but there are also plenty of toxin-free cleaners available at your local healthfood store or organic supermarket).
  6. Try to mimimise your use of plastics as most contain toxic chemicals, including BPA, PVC and phthalates. Don't reuse single-use containers or microwave food in plastic containers, or drink from plastic containers that have been in the sun or near heat. Avoid PVC and plastic around the home. Go for stainless steel options, use beeswax wraps and silicone lids in the kitchen and look for toxin-free, plastic-free toys for your child.
  7. For when baby arrives, choose glass or at least BPA free bottles, look for organic clothing, mattresses and blankets, and choose 100% natural and toxin-free baby care products such as body lotions, shampoos and nappy creams.

Our top beauty picks for pregnancy:

Evolve Beauty Gentle Cleansing Melt

This luxurious cleansing balm contains nourishing organic baobab oil that soothes and hydrates. Natural sugar extracts gently combine with water to turn into a creamy milk that rinses away clean, leaving skin clean, calm and hydrated.

The Clean Beauty Edit | Evolve Organic Beauty | Gentle Melt Cleanser
  1. Nourishing Radiance Serum

This luxurious serum packs a whopping 99.5% organic ingredients of entirely natural origin. It contains sustainably sourced botanicals from the Peruvian Andes and Amazon basin. Crafted to nourish, restore and renew not just the skin but overall well-being and inner balance, this luxury, high-performance serum contains superfood nutrition to provide radiant, deeply nourished skin. The relaxing ritual that comes with it will also be a huge boost for a Mum-to-be and help to provide balance and a sense of well-being throughout your pregnancy.

  1. Innersense Organic Pure Harmony Hairbath

A gentle cleansing shampoo that is toxin free and cruelty-free. Crafted from extracts of aloe, pumpkin seed, shea butter and coconut oils purify and cleanse while orange flower oil uplifts the senses. This sulfate-free formula perfectly balances hair, leaving it healthy and full of body, without residue or dryness. Follow with Innersense Organic Pure Inspiration Conditioner.

The Clean Beauty Edit | Innersense Organic Beauty | Pure Harmony Hairbath
  1. Olio E Osso Balm No. 9, Spring

A beautiful, sheer wash of non-toxic colour that will nourish and add a glow to lips and cheeks. Contains Shea, Beeswax and Olive Oil. Since most lip treatments and colours are ingested during use it’s extremely important to choose a lip colour that is free of harmful chemicals.

The Clean Beauty Edit | Olio E Osso | Balm No. 9 Spring
  1. Prtty Peaushun Skintight Body Lotion

This lotion, which Gwyneth Paltrow calls her 'miracle cream' is also known as "Photoshop in a pouch". Prtty Peaushun (pronounced "Pretty Potion contains subtle light reflecting particles in a natural emollient base to give the skin a gorgeous, flattering glow. Radiance conceals minor imperfections and enhances definition. It is infused with an innovative blend of natural plant extracts to lift, firm, tighten and diminish the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks and varicose veins, as well as minimising bruising and sore muscles.

The Clean Beauty Edit | Prtty Peaushun | Natural Body Lotion
  1. Ilia True Skin Serum Foundation

Weightlessly delivers buildable, light-to-medium coverage with a velvety finish while nourishing skin with a powerful blend of botanical actives for a flawless complexion. Aloe leaf, rosehip, jojoba and marula oils soothe irritations and tame redness, plump fine lines, and ensure the formula effortlessly melts into skin for a more even, luminous appearance.

The Clean Beauty Edit | Ilia Beauty | True Skin Serum Foundation | Ireland
  1. Lily Lolo Natural Mascara

Liven up your lashes with this easy to apply Natural Mascara from Lily Lolo. With its lash defining, volumising & lengthening effects you can create your perfect doe-eyed look. It is quick drying, Ophthalmologic tested, suitable for sensitive eyes, fragrance, silicon and alcohol free and vegan friendly.

  1. Ella & Mila Nail Polishes

We always recommend using nail polish as a special-occasion beauty treat, rather than every day. When you do paint your nails, especially during pregnancy, use a polish that is free of the most harmful toxins (such as Formaldehyde, Toluene, DiButyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, TPHP, Xylene), such as Ella & Mila’s quick drying, chip resistant, vegan and cruelty-free polishes. They also do a nail varnish remover that is lavender based and a healthier alternative to traditional polish removers.

The Clean Beauty Edit | Ella & Mila | Toxin Free Nail Polish | Ireland
  1. Ben & Anna’s Natural Soda Deodorant

Ben & Anna’s natural deodorant sticks have a solid consistency thanks to shea butter and soda. They go on smooth, never greasy or sticky, and they leave the skin feeling and smelling great. Contains no chemical stabilizers, no aluminum, PEG’s, Parabene or Phtalates. These deodorants are highly effective, come in a range of delicious smelling options and are vegan, cruelty-free & gluten-free. Suitable for both men and women.

The Clean Beauty Edit | Ben & Anna Natural Soda Deodorant | Toxin Free Deodorant
  1. Evolve Organic Beauty’s Skin Saviour Body Oil

This revitalising body oil has been formulated to revive mature skin and skin prone to scars and stretch marks. It contains Chilean Organic Rosehip oil, high in bio retinol, to enhance cellular turnover and improve the appearance of scarred skin. Organic Baobab oil nourishes whilst Mandarin essential oil helps to prevent stretch marks.

The Clean Beauty Edity | Evolve Organic Beauty | Skin Saviour Body Oil