Olio E Osso Has Arrived At The Clean Beauty Edit

Here at The Clean Beauty Edit we are more than a little excited to be bringing Olio E Osso to Ireland this Autumn! Their legendary balms are much loved and lauded by beauty lovers and starlets alike, for their versatility, range of colours and divine results, while their heavenly skincare oils are rich in vitamins and antioxidant to protect the skin from free-radicals while simultaneously perfecting it and creating a wholesome glow. 

Olio E Osso was created by makeup artist and stylist Paola LaMorticella when she realized that prescriptions and over-the-counter creams irritated her infant son’s skin. It led her to create her own balm to soothe her son’s skin naturally, using a unique combination of simple, nourishing elements and eliminating all non-essential ingredients. The resulting formula healed her son’s skin and with that, Balm No.1 and Olio E Osso were born. Today, Olio has grown into an entire line of balms and skincare products that support skin naturally to keep it clean, strong and beautiful, as it should be.

Their products are made in small batches by hand in beautiful in Portland, Oregon in the USA, and have an all-natural base of nourishing olive and shea oils, bound together with natural beeswax and grapefruit essential oil.

The balms nourish skin, lips and cheeks, while also providing subtle, glowing, build-able colour. They have a major cult following among celebrities and pro athletes alike and appeal to just about everyone. Their growing skincare line is luxurious and nourishing, with stand out products such as their Lustero Body Oil which leaves skin smooth and glowing, while their Oil Cleanse and Finishing Oil are processed formulations that are suitable for even the most sensitive skins, while boasting sustainably-harvested ingredients that are fragrance free and based purely on natural oils. 

We adore their entire range and delighted to be able to bring Olio E Osso to Ireland at last! Shop the range here on The Clean Beauty Edit.