Nunaїa Have Launched A New, Organic Superfood Cleansing Balm!

This month on The Clean Beauty Edit, it brings us great joy to have exclusive access to Nunaїa’s new organic Superfood Cleansing Balm. Following on from their award-winning Nourishing Radiance Serum, this beautifully luxurious and marvellously effective organic skincare balm not only removes all traces of makeup and impurities at the end of the day but it also nourishes and soothes the skin, while calming the mind with it’s comforting natural fragrance and silky, gratifying texture. Nunaїa have also launched double-sided, organic Facial Cleansing Ovals to complement the balm by offering a zero-waste alternative to cotton wool that can be reused over and over again, while offering deep, gentle cleansing with an exfoliating action

To all of our team here at TCBE, the ethos and ethics of a brand are as important as the formulations and effectiveness of their products, as we aim to promote more conscious consumption, so it’s no small wonder that we are huge cheerleaders for Nunaїa and the work that they are doing. They are a standout Irish brand, championing not only high-performance, luxurious formulations that feel good to use, but they are also sincere advocates for organic farming, sustainability and fair-trade practices. They have a soil to skin ethos that ensures 100% natural, ethical and cruelty-free ingredients and they have a programme in place to give back to the communities that supply their high-quality, organic ingredients in South America. Even their packaging is thoughtfully, and sustainably, procured and designed to be repurposed after use.

Recently we sat down with Nunaїa’s inspiring founder, Nicola Connolly, to chat about the new Superfood Cleansing Balm and the importance of green beauty. Read the full interview below and prepare to fall in love with yet another Nunaїa triumph!

Nicola Connolly Founder of Nunaia on The Clean Beauty Edit

You have just launched your Superfood Cleansing Balm. Can you tell us all about it?

Absolutely! We’ve been developing the Superfood Cleansing Balm for 2.5 years and are delighted with the newest addition to our ‘Superfood Skincare Ritual’ range. It’s a luxurious antioxidant-rich, plant-based facial cleansing balm that deeply cleans, lifts impurities and removes make-up, naturally.

What I’m personally most excited about is the unique balm - oil - milk formulation that we’ve managed to achieve using the latest green beauty technology and an innovative almond extract. I’m always amazed at the magic contained within plants!

Nunaia Superfood Cleansing Balm Organic Skincare Balm on The Clean Beauty Edit

Your Nourishing Superfood Serum has been a huge hit here in Ireland and internationally, what made you decide to create a cleanser as your next product, and why a balm?

Well, what we are trying to do at Nunaïa is create little moments of connection in your day through our skincare rituals. Our customers were telling us how much they loved the ritual element of the Nourishing Radiance Serum and were asking us if we could create a cleansing product that they could use with the Nourishing Radiance Serum and that also incorporated the Nunaïa Ritual.

Personally, I have been a big fan of cleansing balms since I first discovered them about 25 years ago, but I often struggled to find a natural balm that worked effectively at taking off stubborn make-up. As you know, most balms work because of the chemical surfactants that are used so the team and I set ourselves the task of creating a luxurious, 100% plant-based, clean beauty cleansing balm that works magnificently! We’re really proud of the result.


What is your favourite thing about the new balm?

I love the way it turns from a balm to a light milk when water is applied and the silky, comfortable feeling it leaves on the skin. But I also love how it’s a real multi-tasker. You can apply a light layer as a mask and it’s also great for chapped lips, dry cuticles and minor skin irritations. At Nunaïa HQ we call it the ‘miracle balm’.


Why is using natural skincare products so important to our health? 

We live in a world where we are exposed to many external stressors and toxins like pollution, stress, poor diet and unnecessary chemicals in the products we use every day. We can’t control all of these external factors but, to me, it just makes sense to try and limit the toxic load we are exposed to everyday. One way of doing that is by choosing natural skincare products. Our skin is our largest organ so if we can use natural, clean products that we know won’t cause any negative effects to our bodies, why not?


If someone wants to go green with their beauty routine, where do you think is a good place to start?

A good place to start is by learning how to read the labels on your products. There are some great resources out there like the EWG website that can help you decipher what the ingredients are. Very soon you will be able to tell at a glance if a product has green, clean ingredients and if it’s the right fit for you and your lifestyle.

I also recommend switching out your products little by little. Switch to a green alternative when a product is finished rather than trying to ‘green up’ your whole routine in one go which can be overwhelming.


What beauty brands do you rate highly, besides Nunaïa (of course!)?

I love the Innersense range of shampoos that you stock here on Clean Beauty Edit as it can be really hard to find natural shampoos that actually work. I am also a big fan of RMS make-up. It is so pure and easy to apply and feels like my skin can really breathe underneath.


What’s next for you and for Nunaïa?

For now, we’re working on spreading the word about our beautiful new Superfood Cleansing Balm and sharing our message on how we can all super-power our skincare routines by creating a little moment of peace to rest and re-set at the end of our day. The impact of adding this ritual element to your skincare routine is incredible!

Nunaia Superfood Organic Skincare Ritual Green Beauty Brand on The Clean Beauty Edit

Discover Nunaїa’s new Superfood Cleansing Balm and then shop the full Organic Superfood Skincare Ritual from Nunaїa.. 

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