Making Adaptogenic Smoothies with Holly White

We recently teamed up with one of our favourite vegan chefs, Holly White, to create some tasty and nutrient rich smoothies using Sun Potion Adaptogens. The result is two delicious recipes that are packed full of healthy ingredients, offering the perfect winter pick-me-up. They are also ideal recipes for those who undertaking a January detox.

Both recipes are based around two of our most popular adaptogenic blends from California-based Sun Potion – Ashwagandha and Green Adaptogen Blend.

Adaptogens are edible herbs that are safe to consume, in normal, therapeutic doses, and have been used as part of ancient Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine for centuries. They are called Adaptogens as they are believed to help the body cope with a variety of stressors, improve cognitive performance, endurance and immunity while boosting energy and overall health. They are thought to have a normalising effect on the body, restoring healthy physiologic functions in the face of external stressors. There are many different types of adaptogens, each with a unique properties and benefits.

Holly created two smoothie recipes for us. The first recipe is for a Berry Smoothie using Sun Potion’s Organic Ashwagandha powder. Ashwagandha is a cornerstone of the Ayurvedic Medicine Cabinet, also known as “Indian ginseng” for its immune-fortifying and invigorating properties. It is considered an adaptogen, as it harmonizes physiological functions in a variety of ways and supports hormone balance in men and women. It’s had a massive resurgence in popularity over the past few years, and Sun Potion’s organic version is of the highest quality. Ashwagandha has a slightly bitter taste but can still be added to most smoothie blends and combines very well with berry, chocolate, caramel and coffee flavours or can be made into an antioxidant-rich herbal tea. We love it in energy balls too!

 Sun Potion Organic Ashwagandha Adaptogenic Powder on The Clean Beauty Edit

Sun Potion, Organic Ashwagandha, €45 for 55 servings

The second smoothie Holly created is a super-green, rich smoothie using Sun Potion’s Green Adaptogen powder. This thick, creamy smoothie is jam-packed with nutritious spinach, avocado and chia seed, and makes the perfect base for a wholesome smoothie bowl topped with additional fruit, nuts and seeds. This organic blend is filled with potent antioxidants, with its combination of Suma, Maca and Chlorella to promote energy levels and boost immunity and overall wellbeing.

Sun Potion Organic Green Adaptogen Powder on The Clean Beauty Edit

Sun Potion, Organic Green Adaptogen, €45 for 55 servings

If you want to try the recipes out for yourself you can read Holly’s full post here.

The Clean Beauty Edit are exclusive stockists of Sun Potion adaptogens in Ireland. Sun Potion produce products made from only the highest quality, organic and wildcrafted medicinal plants, super foods and herbs to create healthy powders that can be added to smoothies, coffee, energy balls, baked goods and more. Their aim is to create products that support health, happiness and a mindful existence. They are one of the most well recognised and trusted brands in the World for producing powdered adaptogenic blends and never use any ingredients that have been chemically grown or treated.

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Please note: herbal supplements and adaptogens can be very powerful. We recommend researching the benefits and side-effects of each herbal remedy before taking them. Know how to use them. Please consult with your Doctor or health practitioner before starting on herbal supplements, especially if you have any pre-existing condition or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

This article is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, and should not be relied upon for specific medical advice.

Photo of Holly courtesy of Sean MacNamee and Holly White.