Ilia Beauty Has Arrived! Find Out Why We Love It So Much

Ilia Beauty has become a cult clean beauty brand, loved by make up artists, celebrities and clean beauty lovers all over the World, since it's launch out of Vancouver almost a decade ago. Founded by Sasha Plasvic, who is now herself a green beauty icon, this is a female-led beauty brand that produces performance-driven, effective and safe cosmetics.

Sasha's background was in design and typography and she spent time in Los Angeles where she worked as a branding executive in the fashion and beauty industries. When she moved home to Vancouver she began seeking out a new project and, encouraged by her mother (who had a keen interest in homeopathic remedies and natural wellness), she began to develop her first product - a tinted lip conditioner that was free of toxic ingredients yet offered a nourishing and effective formulation, while also delivering fantastic colour. This was the birth of Ilia Beauty. 

Since then Ilia's collection of highly-effective, ethically produced cosmetics has grown from strength to strength. Loved by celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Watson, Marion Cotillard and Thandie Newton, Ilia Beauty encourages customers to see clean beauty as the new normal, rather than as a temporary movement. Just as we do here at The Clean Beauty Edit, Ilia Beauty want people to questions what exactly is in their favourite products and make informed decisions about what the put on and in their bodies. 

Ilia Beauty are transparent about their ingredients, sourcing the highest quality natural and organic botanicals to form the base of each product, and where necessary they use small quantities of safe synthetics to achieve the perfect colour and formulation. They also strive to have sustainably produced and packaged products, which are also functional and desirable, while many of their formulations are high on organic content, vegan and gluten free. They are always cruelty free and ethically produced, so you can shop this brand guilt-free and happy in the knowledge that you are helping shift the beauty industry towards higher standards with each and every purchase. 

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