How To Winterproof Your Skin

Winter can play havoc with our skin, with everything from central heating to Christmas overindulging, colds, flus and chilly temperatures affecting our complexion. Dry and dull skin can be a very common complaints for both face and body throughout the darker months, especially after a busy and sometimes hedonistic festive season.

Eating whole, organic foods, drinking lots of pure, filtered water, getting plenty of good, restorative sleep and taking a reputable probiotic (we love Symprove or Udos Choice Super 8) will really get you back on the right path to looking and feeling your best, and there are also plenty of healthy, non-toxic beauty products available that can give skin the extra care and boost it needs to restore your radiance quickly and effectively.

Our top clean beauty product recommendations to care for and restore winter skin? Look for skincare products that contain high levels of natural oils, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants to help you nourish and restore while locking in vital moisture. A good moisturiser is essential in maintaining the skin’s natural protective barrier. Personally we love oils, because they are usually multi-use, allowing us to cut down on the number of products that we need to buy and use, and they also give visible results – fast. Don’t forget to take care of your hands, feet, body and lips too! A little bit of daily TLC in these areas should restore any problem areas quickly and leave skin looking and feeling healthy all over. 


Best for Sensitive, Dull Skin


Olio E Osso Finishing Oil, €140 

Olio E Osso Finishing Oil

A rich formulation that deeply restore and hydrates even the most sensitive, dry skin. This ultra pure, luxurious oil is sustainable produced and minimally processed in order to preserve the high level of natural antioxidants, phytosterols and vitamins (it is high in vitamins E, C, A and K, as well as Omegas 6 and 9). This oil calms and soothes irritation, fights free radicals and has powerful anti-ageing properties. It is easily absorbed and leaves skin soft and glowing with radiance. Can be used alone after moisturising, without the need for an additional serum or cream (unless desired), cutting down on your skincare steps. Can even be used around the delicate eye area, or a drop or two to restore rough and painful cuticles.


Best for Normal to Dry Skin


Evolve Beauty Daily Renew Face Cream, €34 

Evolve Daily Renew Face Cream

With a blend of Organic Argan Oil and natural hyaluronic acid, this hydrating and restorative vegan formulation delivers soothing hydration to normal and dry skin. It has a natural delicate fragrance from organic vanilla and coconut, making it suitable for sensitive types. Natural peptides help to improve skin texture and resilience.


Best for Oily & Combination Skin


Evolve Rainforest Rescue Serum, €28 

Evolve Rainforest Rescue Blemish Serum

A natural and effective treatment for blemished and congested skin. Suitable for all ages, this light serum helps to decrease sebum production, while clearing breakouts and protecting the skin against future irritants. With Willow Bark, Acai and Copaiba to protect against free radicals, reduce inflammation, tighten pores and encourage cell regeneration and a more even skin tone Willow Bark itself contains Salicin (where Salicylic Acid comes from), and is a natural exfoliant used in many acne treatments to help shed dead skin cells and clear pores.


Best for all the Family


Antipodes Skin Saviour Balm, €18 

Antipodes Skin Saviour Balm

An all-purpose balm, suited to most skin conditions, that can be used by the whole family for a number of complaints, including cracked, dry skin, rough patches, grazes, chapped lips, rough cuticles etc. With a blend of nourishing, skin-loving natural oils, including antimicrobial and anti-fungal tea tree and antioxidant-rich Vinanzà Grape to heal and restore dry and irritated skin. A handy do-all balm to have in your bathroom cabinet during the winter months.


Best for Anti-Ageing & Stressed Skin


Nunaїa Nourishing Radiance Serum, €79 

Nunaia Nourishing Radiance Serum

We truly love everything about this serum, from Nunaїa’s dedication to sustainability, to the addictive scent, to the calming and relaxing ritual that comes with it, and of the course the almost instantly visible results that we seen in our skin. This serum is blend of superfood oils and organic ingredients that are thoughtfully combined to give skin everything it needs to look and feel healthy and nourished. 99.5% organic, this is a luxurious, high performance serum that delivers radiant results.

With Sacha Inchi to promote cell regeneration and resist free radical damage, Maracuja to brighten skin and stimulate collagen production, Chia for optimal skin health and Avocado to protect skin’s moisture levels.


Best for Hands & Feet


Olio E Osso Hand Cream, €25 

Olio E Osso Hand Cream

This hand cream is one of the best we’ve used on very dry, rough hands. A small amount softens hands, cuticles, feet and rough skin patches. Like Olio E Osso’s famous balms it’s also great for sore, chapped lips. Made with moisturising Shea Butter and natural oils (no lanolin), it gives hands a long-lasting silky feeling. Great for both men and women, young and old, it’s another brilliant winter essential for any bathroom.   


Best for Body


The Organic Pharmacy Rose & Jasmine Body Oil, €47 

The Organic Pharmacy Rose and Jasmine Body Oil

One of our favourite body oils for super soft, beautifully fragranced skin. It contains a blend of organic oils from Jojoba to Rose, Jasmine to Rosehip. It conditions skin and lifts the senses, so applying it becomes a ritual of self-care and daily indulgence. We find it keeps dry, winter skin, particularly on knees and elbows, at bay.


Best for Eyes and Lips


Ere Perez Cranberry Lip and Eye Butter, €28 

Ere Perez Cranberry Lip and Eye Butter

A handy little pot for keeping with you throughout the day, to tend to dry lips. It can also be used a moisturising eye cream with anti-aging benefits thanks to it’s blend of Shea Butter, Cranberry, Cucumber and Lactic Acid, to promote regeneration of skin around the eyes while also forming a protective layer against environmental stressors.


Best for Dehydrated Skin


The Organic Pharmacy Honey and Jasmine Mask, €53 

The Organic Pharmacy Honey and Jasmine Mask

For skin that has become dehydrated and dull, with a loss of natural elasticity, this rich mask with Evening Primrose, Shea Butter, Honey, Rosehip and Jasmine will help to restore plumpness and texture while nourishing and hydrating. It feels soothing and luxurious to use, with a divine scent. A quick and enjoyable way to rejuvenate winter skin in minutes. Great for before, after or even during a long-haul flight!


Best for Kissable Lips


Ilia Beauty’s Tinted Lip Conditioner in O Baby, €30 

Ilia Beauty Tinted Lip Conditioner in O Baby

Ilia’s first product and a proper cult classic, this moisturising, lightweight lip colour is a perfect hybrid of lip colour and care. With 85% organic ingredients and 100% natural dyes, it is available in a variety of colours but we love O Baby for being a warm nude shade that suits most skin tones and is perfect for day to day wear.


Best for Inner & Outer Beauty


Sun Potion Pearl Powder, €59 

Sun Potion Pearl Powder

Pearl has been used for centuries as a longevity food to support inner and outer radiance. It’s a brilliant source of minerals, like calcium, iron, selenium and zinc as well as important amino acids. It also has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits, and it supports the body’s natural collagen production. The result? It helps to maintain clean and even skin, strengthen bones and support the body’s nervous system. Sun Potion’s freshwater pearl powder is sustainably sourced.


Healthy skin is achievable at any time of year, even in the thick of winter, no matter what your current skin condition. It's all down to taking care of your body and mind, because when those are in balance radiant skin naturally follows. The quickest way we know to glow is to indulge in some blissful self-care. Eat delicious, nourishing food, get lots of sleep and try to find ways to relax and reduce stress (meditation, warm baths, long walks...). It goes without saying that all the products we're using, whether they be in our bathrooms, fridges or around the home, should be safe to use with high quality ingredients that will achieve results without compromising your health.

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