Happy Summer Solstice & New Beginnings

The summer solstice is approaching on June 21st, bringing with it the longest day of year. The temperatures are warmer, and by now we hope you are feeling the magic that this time of year offers. The sun's glorious warmth penetrates our souls and also all the plants, wildlife and forests around us, bringing an abundance of life, food, and medicine to nourish and restore us.
The summer entices us into dreamy days with ripe, sweet fruit, warm sunshine and carefree living. Summer days are transient so there's an urgency calling us to enjoy them while they are here. Take the time to sit in the garden, swim in the ocean and feast with friends. Leave behind the dross of the everyday and join the summer celebrations by cooking food over an open fire, and being outdoors with the birds singing all around. 
Old traditions insist that harvesting edible fruits, flowers and herbs on Summer Solstice will bring to you the strongest nutrition and food-as-medicine, igniting a solar force and Shen energy within us that will lift and rejuvenate our physical and spiritual bodies.
We have just had the Gemini New Moon to manifest new beginnings and growth related to the sign of the twins. This is a time for curiosity, adaptability and strengthening our intellect, just like a Gemini. 
For our small team at TCBE we are taking this time to reimagine our business, to enhance it and improve it, to bring you the best in clean beauty and wellness now and into the future. We're getting ready to launch a new version of the website with new features and products, and we're also tweaking our logo and packaging too. It's a time of growth and rejuvenation for us, and we hope that it this June will bring that for you too. 
Take the time this week to read, write, converse with friends and family. Write down what you would like to manifest this summer, and outline any goals you want to achieve. This week is an opportunity for new beginnings and celebrating the many blessings of the Earth at the peak of summer light.
Wishing you all a happy Summer Solstice and Midsummer! 
Dawn & TCBE Team xoxo