Agent Nateur Has Landed On The Clean Beauty Edit!

Agent Nateur Has Landed!

Agent Nateur is a female-led, results-driven, green beauty company from Los Angeles that is committed to sourcing the most effective, non-toxic ingredients from Europe and small suppliers in the United States. The founder of Agent Nateur, Jena Covello, formulates Agent Nateur's skincare products in Grasse, Paris and Los Angeles. Each of their all-natural, award-winning deodorants are made with high-quality, food-grade skincare ingredients, with no toxic chemicals or synthetics. They smell divine, look beautiful on your bathroom shelf and work effortlessly to keep you feeling fresh all day long. 

Here is the story of how Jena came to create Agent Nateur:

 "From an early age, I've suffered from hormone-related health problems including endometriosis and recently I was diagnosed with adenomyosis.  After my fourth surgery, I began taking a holistic approach to my health by seeing holistic doctors, attending holistic medical conferences in Canada, working with Shamans and by taking organic, whole food supplements and IV's. I began learning as much as I could about the disease and the holistic ways I could treat it through a combination of Eastern, South American, and Western holistic medicine. I started by eliminating pesticides and GMO's through an organic diet. Pesticides contain endocrine disruptors known as xenoestrogens that mimic estrogen and alter the normal function of hormones, and ultimately, this can lead to cancer. These toxic chemicals are also found in plastic, household cleaning supplies and cosmetics. The transition to eating organic food and using non-toxic cleaning supplies was relatively easy as products were readily available; however, the search for beautiful, holistic cosmetics and an effective deodorant proved to be futile.

After purchasing and testing nearly every available natural deodorant free of aluminium, I found that none were effective.  Aluminium is a toxic, heavy metal that mimics estrogen and is linked to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Dementia and Autism.  

I attended natural cosmetic and perfume school in the South of France and began working privately with my teacher and chemist.  France has began to steer away from aluminium-based beauty products and aluminium foil that is used in food because it is an endocrine disruptor that affects the hormones of both men and women.

I decided to make my own deodorant free of aluminium and after mixing different formulas for hundreds of hours in my West Hollywood kitchen, I developed a sample and gave it to my friends and family.  Everyone loved AGENT NATEUR and asked me to make more.  Shortly after, I attended school, I began developing holi oil along with our skincare collection.

I want to change the way the world views luxury cosmetics. If you choose to live a healthy, natural lifestyle and wish to radiate beautiful skin, the application and absorption of healthy cosmetics are as critical to your skin as the ingestion of healthy food. Your skin is the largest organ of your body and since it is porous, it absorbs whatever you put on it.  Your cosmetics should be equally effective, gorgeous AND healthy.

 A study in the American Journal of Public Health reported that the skin’s absorption rate of the chemicals found in drinking water averaged 64% of the total contaminant dosage. Other studies reported an absorption rate of 100% for underarms.  The products that we apply to our skin are absorbed into our body. AGENT NATEUR is formulated with only the finest ingredients sourced locally and in France. We can’t wait for you to try it...", Jena Covello. 

If you have yet to try Agent Nateur's fabulously minimal and modern clean deodorants then why not try them out. VOGUE US called Agent Nateur one of the chicest aluminium free options available, and we agree! We feel that once you've used these gorgeous deodorant sticks there is no going back to chemical, aluminium-heavy deodorants of old.


 Agent Nateur Holi(Stick) No. 3 Deodorant (Unisex) on The Clean Beauty Edit

Holi(Stick) No. 3 Deodorant, €22 (unisex)


Agent Nateur Sensitive Vegan Deodorant on The Clean Beauty Edit

Holi(Stick) Sensitive, Vegan Deodorant, €26


Agent Nateur Holi(Rose) No. 4 Deodorant

Holi(Rose) No. 4 Deodorant, €24


Agent Nateur Uni(Sex) No. 3 Deodorant

Uni(Sex) No. 5 Deodorant, €22


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