Environment & Sustainability

What We Are Doing To Stay Clean & Green

Here at The Clean Beauty Edit we love the Earth and want to do right by it where we can. It is therefore important to us that the products that we stock not only work well for our customers but they are also sustainable for our environment, and always cruelty-free.
We seek out brands that use sustainably sourced ingredients, that are as natural and organic as possible.
We also understand the impact that packaging has on our environment so we continuously monitor our packaging and practises to ensure that our packaging is eco-friendly and sustainable, and we are regularly re-evaluating our environmental policy to see where we can do better.
Our shipping boxes and polyethylene mailer bags are both widely recyclable, while our tissue paper is also recyclable and comes from a supplier with FSC certification. The protective chips inside our packages are 100% biodegradable and manufactured for annually renewable sources.
When it comes to the brands that we stock, we seek out those who have a similar ethos, as well as environmentally sustainable packaging and manufacturing policies. We ask that, as far as possible, their packaging is recycled/recyclable, reusable or biodegradable.
Small steps will lead to a big difference.