Here We Flo! Organic Period Care & Ethical Condoms

Here We Flo are a funky female brand, based in the UK, who make period products with 100% certified organic ingredients, that are vegan, cruelty free and also free of nasties (like synthetic fibres, chemical residues, pesticides, dyes, bleach and fragrances... none of which you want near your lady bits!). They make tampon applicators and wrappers from plant-based materials, using 0% petroleum plastics. They are a team on a mission to do some good in the World too, donating fem-care products to women who don't have good access to them and focus on supporting girl's health education and economic empowerment in developing countries.

Here We Flo Non Toxic Organic Safe Non Applicator Tampons Eco Friendly Period Products Ireland

We love their gorgeous, girly packaging with paper ice-cream tubs to hold the tampons, and that everything they create is supportive and conscious of environmental impact. These are clean, safe, non-toxic period care products that are eco-friendly and more sustainable than traditional brands too. They also come at a great price point.

Here We Flo Eco Friendly Sustainable Period Products Ireland Organic Bamboo Sanitary Pads

Recently Here We Flo launched their XO! range which includes fair-trade natural latex rubber condoms that are also vegan, sustainably sourced and certified carbon-neutral. The condoms come in two types - Hi Sensation that are ribbed and dotted for extra pleasure, and Ultra Thin. Every XO! pack has a scannable QR code that shows you what U.N. Sustainable Development Goals project your purchase is supporting.

Here We Flo XO! Eco Friendly Sustainable Non Toxic Condoms Ireland on The Clean Beauty Edit

We love collaborating with Here We Flo on The Clean Beauty Edit and look forward to their next innovation, making everyday, essential products that little bit more interesting!


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