Happy New Year! Go Clean In 2019.

2018 was a year of the year The Clean Beauty Edit came into being so it was goes without saying it was a special year for us, and involved lots of hard work, excitement and focus from our team here. It was the year we all went clean, in terms of our beauty routines, our home cleaning products, our eating habits and also trying to reduce stress and make time for important self-care. There were many successes, some minor setbacks, and all while juggling busy family life with launching a new business. 

We ended the year happily spending time with family and friends, allowing the odd less-than-clean favourite, such as champagne and mince pies. Now it's 2019 and we are abuzz with new energy and enthusiasm for the year ahead, so we are hitting the reset button and recalibrating this month. For us it means clean eating (no diets here, just healthy choices), earlier bedtimes and earlier mornings, making time to meditate and moving forward with our resolutions. No sluggish, blue January for us! Doing these things give us all a sense of energy, balance and excitement for the year ahead. 

Our biggest wish for 2019 is to see more people engaging in cleaner more sustainable routines, ditching chemicals in your make up bag and around the home, trying to eliminate plastics and reduce unnecessary waste. Small changes here and there all add up and if each one of us takes steps to pursue a healthier lifestyle and look after our Earth big differences will be achieved. 

Wishing you all a healthy, joyful and successful New Year for 2019! 

With love from us all at The Clean Beauty Edit xxx