Can you research your way to better health?

What is the activity most likely to help someone reach optimal health? Is it sleep? Eating more vegetables? Exercising regularly? Stress management? The truth is that all these elements can help a person achieve a greater state of wellness, but an important activity often overlooked (and rarely discussed) in terms of our health is research.

If you think about it, most of us start to incorporate wellness activities and routines into our lives because of some form of research, no matter how modest. You read about hot yoga in a magazine, saw a documentary on cold therapy on Netflix, or perhaps you discussed paleo diets with a wellness-loving friend and were then inspired to make a change. This kind of basic health exploration can open up new experiences and ideas for us, but what if you were to go even further in terms of educating yourself about your body, or a particular issue that you are having. Could it be the difference between finding health or remaining stagnant? What if you were to pick up a book on an area of interest to dive deeper? It could lead to another book, a class or online course, or even finding a local group of like-minded individuals, all of which can really help to educate and support your personal development by opening up new ideas, thoughts and potential pathways to success. 

Healthy Living

When we get stuck in a health rut, unable to heal or move forward, it's time to stop relying on what we already know and start researching what we don't know. If there’s a health or wellness goal that you have in mind, whether it’s finding a way to heal from a particular illness or simply finding new ways to optimise different aspects of your health, it’s a great idea to start researching through books, websites, blogs and podcasts to find inspiration and learn new information and theories relating to your topic. There is a World of information out there that can help you discover the best path for you as an individual, and empower you to take control of your own health and wellbeing. 

Once you have prioritised your goal (and visualised how wonderful it will feel to achieve it!) it can become exciting to delve deep into that subject and realise some of the possibilities that may not have been on your radar before. There are always new things to learn because what we know about health and wellbeing, as individuals and as a collective, is always shifting and changing. The ‘science’ and data around health constantly fluctuates – what we firmly believe (and can back up with data) one year can be completely turned on its head the next, and the mainstream healthcare machine can be slow to keep up with ever-changing research - for reasons that are many and often complex - so it's a smart idea to do your own research and stay ahead of the game when it comes to what the World knows about good health.

Begin your research with a beginner’s mind, allowing yourself to explore new information in a non-partisan way because what you think you know, and what you have learned in life so far, might not actually be right for you or what you need at this time. Could you be sensitive to gluten? Do you have the MTHFR gene? Are you suffering from leaky gut? Are you truly happy in your work and how you spend your days? Start asking yourself questions and don't answer straightaway. Be open to finding the right answers for you.

We are all bio-individuals with a diverse range of personal needs and the goal is to find the information and advice that deeply resonates with you and feels right within your gut. You’ll know it when you find it because it will light you up in magnificent way. That thing that has been bugging you about your health, your body, your life or your mind will suddenly make sense and change will feel not only possible but inevitable. Do not stop looking until you find this place - the place of healing, happiness and possibilities because it is out there, even if others have told you that it isn't. 

Healthy Eating and Living

One of the first steps to healing is to understand why you are out of balance in the first place, to recognise the habits and actions got you there, and to know that you have an innate and very powerful ability to heal. All of this can be revealed with meaningful research. The deeper you dive into your area of interest or concern, the more books you read or podcasts you listen to, the more that you will uncover and understand. You will be able to let go of fear, which is limiting you, and learn to trust your own body and the messages it’s sending you. Tune into your natural gut instincts. These are essential life skills that can be strengthened with practice and will help you on your journey.

Good health isn’t something than anyone can give us, or do for us, rather it’s a daily personal commitment and practice where we continually take the best care of ourselves through positive, educated thought and action. It is fantastic to have the support of a good healthcare practitioner (be they a GP, a chiropractor, a functional doctor or an alternative therapist) on your journey but true healing comes from within and it can be disempowering to expect that healing will come from someone else rather than taking full responsibility for our own health and our lifestyle choices. Don't feel the need to give your power away. A good practitioner will encourage your exploration and self-education, and no doubt sing the many benefits of diet and lifestyle changes rather than discourage you from making them.

Research can help you find the answers to questions that you have, lead you on new and exciting pathways, support your personal development and help you find the health practices and habits that feel right for you as an individual. It’s a process and an adventure, and one that can truly lead to life-long positive change, career moves and lasting happiness. At a time when there is so much conflicting, and confusing advice out there about health and nutrition it really stands to you to be able to make educated decisions on your own body and health without having to rely on someone else’s opinion.

But don’t just take my word for it – do your own research.


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This article is solely based on the writer's opinion and is for informational purposes only. It is not, nor is it intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice. If you have any health or medical questions please consult a qualified practitioner.